The Entrepreneur’s Salary Guide

How Much Money Entrepreneurs Make

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Entrepreneurs Can Make a Lot of Money

But Entrepreneurs Have No “Minimum Wage”

How Entrepreneurs Set Their Salaries

1. Overworked and Underpaid

2. Overworked and Overpaid

3. The Re-investor

4. The Executive

5. “Passive” Income

How to Pay Yourself as an Entrepreneur

1. Owner’s Draw

2. Paycheck

3. Dividends

4. Business or Equity Sale

Increasing Your Salary as an Entrepreneur

Raise Prices

Lower Costs

Make More Sales

Build Systems

Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Is Being an Entrepreneur a Good Career Move?




Former startup CTO turned writer. Founder of

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Karl L Hughes

Karl L Hughes

Former startup CTO turned writer. Founder of

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