Managing Direct Reports at a Startup

What are Direct Reports?

How to Manage Direct Reports

1. Get to Know Your Team

2. Give Feedback

3. Focus on Your Team’s Growth

4. Empower Your Team

5. Use Technology When You Can

My Management “Stack”


  • Backlog — Projects that haven’t been fully planned. This is a good place to keep ideas.
  • Planning — Projects that are being fleshed out. Usually we’re still learning about the issue or coming up with possible solutions.
  • Ready — Cards in “Ready” are prioritized and fair game for any relevant team members to start on.
  • In Progress — When team members are actively working on a project, they move it to “In Progress.”
  • Done — After they’re done, the card is moved to “Done” where we archive old cards after a few weeks.
  • Recurring — Some tasks come back every month or week, so for this we use Trello’s card repeater and bring them back every week or month.


Google Suite

Status Hero



Recommended Reading

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True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership by Bill George

The Decision Maker by Dennis Bakke




Former startup CTO turned writer. Founder of

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Karl L Hughes

Karl L Hughes

Former startup CTO turned writer. Founder of

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