Why Care About Startup Culture?

What is Startup Culture?

Rules + Values = Behaviors Behaviors * Team Members = Startup Culture
(Team Behaviors * Team Members) + (Founders' Behaviors * Founders)² = Startup Culture

Startup Culture vs. Corporate Culture

Culture Can Change…Eventually

How Not to Build Culture

Factors That Define Your Company Culture

1. The Founders

2. Communication and Transparency

3. Expectations and Enforcement

Extreme 1: Hard Driver

Extreme 2: Loosey Goosey

4. Spending, Hiring, and Compensation

5. Working Hours and Performance

Extreme 1: Pay for Hours

Extreme 2: Pay for Performance

Is Changing Your Culture Worth It?

One Last Story to Illustrate This Point:




Former startup CTO turned writer. Founder of Draft.dev

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Karl L Hughes

Karl L Hughes

Former startup CTO turned writer. Founder of Draft.dev

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